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Welcome To
Westport Wargames

Bookings are welcome from
individuals and groups of any size

Phone 098-21886 ANYTIME 7 DAYS.

Paintball is an adventure that generates excitement for all

A action  packed day of  strategy, skill & teamwork never to be forgotten..

"Have you got"
The heart, courage and determination
to face the ultimate challenge?

  • Come alone or with friends to play our exciting selection of scenario s. The games are played in woodland and fields which are situated on a Private Country Estate,3 miles from Westport on the Leenane Clifden road

  • Paintball is an action game, which combines teamwork, strategy and skill into an exciting and action-packed event for both men and women.

You will need to be quick thinking and resourceful to outwit the opposing team. There are an exciting variety of objectives and missions all designed to test your abilities in a fun and exciting way. All games are organised by our experienced marshals who will accompany you and your group at all times to ensure enjoyment, safety and fair play.

Wargames can be played by people of any age, from sixteen upwards. All are welcome Male or Female.
This is one game that is enjoyed by all. Anyone under the age of 18 years must have their parents or guardians consent. For further details contact The Games manager. The guns used are semi-automatic and pump-action rifles, which fire balls of paint approximately the size of a Malteser. The paint balls are biodegradable and do no damage to clothing, animals or the environment. The equipment is designed to be used under all conditions so games go ahead regardless of the weather. There are a selection of different scenario s which consist of The Valley of No Surrender, Saigon Warfare and Crossfire Ridge. The objective of the game is to capture the opposing teams flag or headquarters. This may sound simple but remember you have to outwit and shoot the opposition before you can capture the flag. This is where the fun starts. Itís fun for all. Paintball Wargames are a great way to motivate staff and thank valued clients. A fun way to develop team work, leadership and enhance communication skills. Everyone will enjoy the action and excitement.

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